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Boston Ortho and Spine Welcomes Dr. James E. Phillips and Rachel Furnas, PA

We are pleased to announce that Dr. James Phillips will be joining Boston Ortho as a new physician. Dr. Phillips is board-certified in orthopaedic surgery and specializes in hip and knee replacement. 

Dr. Phillips joins Boston Ortho from Atrius. He is on staff at New England Baptist Hospital, Mount Auburn Hospital and Boston Outpatient Surgical Suites. He is one of the premier joint replacement specialists in the region and performs over 500 joint replacements on a yearly basis. 

Dr. Phillips was one of the first surgeons in the region to adopt and perform the “subvastus” approach to knee replacement surgery. This specialized technique provides access the knee joint while preserving the quadriceps muscle. The quadriceps muscle is a large muscle in the front of the thigh and is essential for knee joint function. Separating the fibers of the vastus muscles–instead of cutting through the–minimizes the damage to the surrounding tissues. The result for the patient is less postoperative pain, faster recovery, better range of motion, and better function. 

Dr. Phillips is also a pioneer of the “ABLE” anterior approach for hip replacement surgery. Unlike traditional hip replacement surgery, which involves cutting through muscles and tissues to access the hip joint, the ABLE approach involves working around the muscle. Less damage to the muscle around the hip preserves the natural attachments and function of the surrounding muscles, such as the hip flexors, quadriceps, and gluteal muscles.

The ABLE approach has been proven to result in less postoperative pain, a shorter hospital stay, faster recovery, improved range of motion, and reduced risk of dislocation. Because the technique preserves the patient’s natural anatomy, it produces a more natural gait and greater stability of the hip joint over time.

Dr. Phillips is a national instructor in the ABLE approach. He teaches the technique at various courses throughout the year. 

Rachel Furnas, PA-C will be joining Dr. Phillips as his physician assistant. She brings years of clinical experience in joint replacement care to Boston Ortho. Ms. Furnas is has worked alongside Dr. Phillips as his physician extender since she started at Atrius. 

Recognized for her outstanding patient reviews and interpersonal skills, Rachel will work collaboratively with Dr. Phillips to ensure that patients receive the best possible care at Boston Ortho. Her experience with the work up, diagnosis, and non-surgical treatment of arthritic problems of the hip and knee will provide greater access to our patients. 

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