Hammer Toe

Foot & Ankle

Hammer Toe is a deformity of the second, third or fourth toe, which makes the toe look like a hammer. Over time, hammer toes may become inflexible and may require corrective surgery.

Cause & Symptoms

Hammer toe is caused by wearing poorly fitting shoes, a muscle imbalance in the toes, or a combination of these and other factors. Narrow-toes shoes force the toes together. When combined with high heels, these shoes can force the toes into contorted positions. Over time, the muscles of the toes harden in these positions, causing hammer toe.

People with hammer toes often develop corns or calluses, as well as pain in their toes or feet.

Repair & Recoery

Treatment for hammer toe usually consists of wearing wide, long shoes. Sandals may also help. Your ProSports physician may also recommend exercises to help stretch and strengthen the toe muscles. Your doctor may also recommend cushions or nonmedicated pads to alleviate the symptoms.

Your doctor may recommend surgery if these conservative measures fail to correct your condition and alleviate pain.

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