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Specialized Orthopedic & Spine Care in Cambridge, MA

Boston Orthopaedic & Spine’s Mount Auburn office in Cambridge located within Mount Auburn Hospital provides elite orthopedic and spine care under a wide range of specialties:

    Orthopedic Care Without an Appointment at BOS Express

    BOS Express is Boston Orthopaedic & Spine’s walk-in clinic, an alternative to emergency room visits for acute orthopedic injuries. Common orthopedic injuries include fractures, sprains, muscle strains, tendon tears, dislocations, or impingements.

    If you are experiencing pain or have sustained a recent injury, visit us for express care from an experienced orthopedic specialist, no appointment needed.

    Have questions? Learn more about BOS Express or contact our office at (857) 575-5089.

    Elite Care For Everyone

    The experienced, board-certified physicians and advanced practice providers of Boston Orthopaedic & Spine are here to assess your needs and help you consider your treatment options so you can get back in the game.

    BOS Express Boston Orthopaedic and Spine Walk-In Clinic in Cambridge, MA
    When do patients visit BOS Express?

    BOS Express serves patients who have sustained an acute injury within the past seven days or have developed acute onset pain and feel like they need urgent or emergent attention from an orthopedic specialist.

    When should patients visit the ER?

    While BOS Express is setup to offer diagnostic testing onsite to expedite the treatment process, we do not have the necessary setup for life threatening emergency care. For more serious orthopedic ailments—such as head trauma, deep lacerations, heavy bleeding, visible bones, open fractures and more—head to your nearest emergency room immediately or dial 911.

    Doctors & Providers

    Thomas F. Burke, MD

    Learn More

    About Dr. Burke

    Orthopedics Surgeon
    Specializing in: Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy,
    Trauma & Fracture Care, Shoulder Reconstruction

    View Profile

    Jennifer B. Green, MD

    Learn More

    About Dr. Green

    Orthopedic Surgeon
    Specializing in Hand and Upper Extremity

    View Profile

    James A. Karlson, MD

    Learn More

    About Dr. Karlson

    Orthopedic Surgeon
    Specializing in Sports Medicine Including:
    Knee, Hip, Ankle, and Shoulder injuries

    View Profile

    James L. Sarni, MD

    Learn More

    About Dr. Sarni

    Specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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    Jinsil K. Sung, MD

    Learn More

    About Dr. Sung

    Orthopedic Surgeon
    Specializing in Hand, Wrist & Elbow

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