Patient Hand Problems

Dr. Stirrat and Dr. Green are board certified Orthopaedic Surgeons with a Certificate of Added Qualification in Hand. Their practices is focused on the elective treatment of adult hand, wrist, forearm and elbow problems. If a patient has been evaluated through an Emergency Room and needs urgent care, our office will facilitate timely care of the patient.

SERVICES OFFERED: Dr. Stirrat and Dr. Green provide services for all aspects of hand care including non-surgical and surgical treatments. Common conditions include carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, trigger finger, arthritis, ganglions, traumatic injuries, fractures, Dupuytren’s disease, tennis elbow, cubital tunnel, nerve entrapments, nerve lacerations, tendon lacerations, hand pain, work-related injuries, lumps, bumps and cysts. Non-surgical treatments can include injections, splinting, hand therapy and/or casting.

Mission Statement: Drs. Stirrat and Green and their staff are dedicated to providing high quality and compassionate care in a timely and efficient manner. Our commitment is to assess, diagnose, discuss, educate and treat patients’ hand problems in a manner that allows for the best possible outcome. Dr. Stirrat and Dr. Green will spend time with patients to ensure their understanding of treatment options and ability to make educated decisions about their treatment, whether surgical or non-surgical.

Patient Education